The story of this shoot starts with Medha and I doing a test shoot the day before where we tried out different lightning and other parameters. Once we had that in order, I loaded my car with all the required studio equipment and prepared myself for the shoot!

The next day we reached the location of the shoot earlier than expected and then took about an hour to set everything up. Next we proceeded with the test shots to set the white balance and calibrate the colour.

After all the preparation, the shoot finally started. We had to take photos of the make-up done on models by the makeup artists in training at SMA makeup academy. Even though they were only 4 weeks into the training, the girls did an incredible job.

Usually if there are some small issues, I usually rectify this in the post production edits. However, these make up artists were perfectionists to a T! These girls were even adjusting individual strands of hair to ensure complete uniformity in the first shot itself! Being a perfectionist myself, I had a wonderful time working with them and creating a series of magical shots.

I also had a nice time working with Rita who is the director of SMA and has about 20 years of experience in the makeup industry. She was present with us the entire time and was helping the students during the entire process.

I edited all these pictures without losing the natural skin texture and tones to keep the original look of the beautiful makeup applied by the students.